Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi-Tool Review

Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi-Tool Review


Product Name : Bear Grylls Ultimate
Multi Tool
Manufacturer : Gerber
UK Price : £28.00
US Price : $32.99

Multi-tools manufacturer Gerber has teamed up with British adventurer and survivalist Bear Grylls to create the Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi Tool. Let’s see how the tool shapes up, although we are probably not going to do anything as crazy as this (BG crazy video) during testing.


To separate it from Gerber’s original line of multi-tools, the BG UMT features black rubber textured grips highlighted by the orange BG logo. Weighing in at 249g and measuring 10.2cm long when closed or 16cm long when open, it’s a bit larger than the Gerber Compact Sport (review link) but still compact enough not to be a burden. In keeping with the survival theme you also get included with the package a lightweight, mildew resistant nylon sheath, land to air rescue instructions and a pocket guide containing Bear Grylls’ survival essentials entitled Priorities of Survival.

Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi-Tool Review - Best Multi-tools


Here’s a list of 12 tools on the BG UMT.

1.Needle Nose Pliers
2.Fine Edge Knife
3.Serrated Knife
5.Phillips Screwdriver
6.Small Flat Driver
7.Medium Flat Driver
8.Lanyard Ring
9.Bottle Opener
10.Can Opener
12.Wire Cutters

As you would expect from a Bear Grylls branded multi-tool there is a focus on outdoor tools, with 2 different types of knives and a saw to go along with the typical Gerber needle nose pliers. You also get 3 different screwdrivers

In Use

Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi-Tool Review - Best Multi-tools

Out of the box I’m happy to report all the tools are sharp and solidly built. They lock securely into place and the rubber textured handles do give you more grip than a standard metal handle, especially if you are working in a damp or wet area. While you’ll normally see a combined single knife on a multi-tool, the BG UMT has separate fine edge and serrated blades at the end of each handle which means you can use the full length of each blade when cutting.

The only negative point is the lanyard ring, it doesn’t really seem like a necessary addition to the tool set as the included well-made nylon sheath can be attached to your belt or bag quite easily to store the tool. Instead of the lanyard ring another tool would have been a better addition.

One final point is the included pocket survival guide, isn’t just a frivolous extra it does include some useful tips especially if you are going out camping.


Priced at a very reasonable £28 in the UK and $35 in the US the BG UMT represents good value. This is not just a case of Gerber slapping a famous name on a cheap multi-tool and replying on the name to sell the product, the tool is well built and performs well in use. Recommended if you happen to get lost in the forest for a week or you just want to put together that coffee table you bought from Ikea.

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