Victorinox Cybertool Lite Review

Victorinox Cybertool Lite ReviewIntroduction Product Name: Cybertool Lite Manufacturer: Victorinox UK Price: £74.99 US Price: $115.99 While most multi-tools are designed to be used outdoors or with less technologically advanced jobs, a lot of people work with electronics or computers and might not find normal multi-tools are ideal for those kinds of jobs. That’s where Victorinox’s Cybertool line... Read More »

Leatherman Skeletool Review

Leatherman Skeletool ReviewIntroduction Product Name: Skeletool Manufacturer: Leatherman UK Price: £50.89 US Price: $49.83 Today we’ll be taking a look at the Leatherman Skeletool, designed as a compact lightweight companion to take with you when exploring the great outdoors. Let’s see how the Skeletool performs and if it’s lighter weight brings any disadvantages. Design The Skeletool model... Read More »

Gerber Legend Review

Gerber Legend ReviewIntroduction Product Name: Legend Multi-Plier 800 Manufacturer: Gerber UK Price: £57.91 US Price: $60.97 Gerber products are normally a more budget friendly option than competing products from Leatherman, however if you’re looking to spend a bit more on your multi-tool the Legend Multi-Plier 800 is available and Gerber have sought add some features to make... Read More »

Bar10der Review

Bar10der ReviewIntroduction Product Name: Bar10der Manufacturer: Quench Products UK Price: £29.99 US Price: $35.95 A bit different from the multi-tools we normally review, the Bar10der is a multi-tool designed for bartenders or anyone that enjoys making drinks. Created by Quench Products which was found in 2012 in New York City, they specialize in products to make... Read More »

SOG S66N-CP PowerAssist Review

SOG S66N-CP PowerAssist ReviewIntroduction Product Name: S66N-CP PowerAssist Manufacturer: SOG UK Price: £59.00 US Price: $55.99 Originally founded in 1986 as a knife manufacturer, SOG gradually expanded their range to include other items such as multi-tools. While SOG aren’t as well-known as their US multi-tool rivals Gerber and Leatherman in the UK, their range of multi-tools is becoming... Read More »

Leatherman Wave Review

Leatherman Wave ReviewIntroduction Product Name : Wave Manufacturer : Leatherman UK Price : £67.50 US Price : $74.99 If you’re only familiar with one multi-tool, there’s good chance it will be the Leatherman Wave. By far Leatherman’s most popular model, the Wave was originally release in 1996 then redesigned into its current form in 2004. Positioned toward... Read More »

Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi-Tool Review

Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi-Tool ReviewIntroduction Product Name : Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi Tool Manufacturer : Gerber UK Price : £28.00 US Price : $32.99 Multi-tools manufacturer Gerber has teamed up with British adventurer and survivalist Bear Grylls to create the Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi Tool. Let’s see how the tool shapes up, although we are probably not going to... Read More »

Gerber Compact Sport Review

Gerber Compact Sport ReviewIntroduction Product Name: Compact Sport Multi-Plier 400 Manufacturer: Gerber UK Price: £34.90 US Price: $32.86 Hailing from Portland, Oregon along with their multi-tool rivals Leatherman, Gerber originally started making knifes way back in 1939 before expanding their range to include multi-tools and are nowadays consider one of the big 3 multi-tool manufacturers along with the... Read More »

Leatherman Charge TTi Review

Leatherman Charge TTi ReviewIntroduction Product Name: Charge TTi Manufacturer: Leatherman UK Price: £133.31 US Price: $118.60 In recent years Leatherman have become synonymous with multi-tools, after introducing their first product in 1983 they have gone on to become one of the best known multi-tool manufacturers in the world today. Currently producing 17,000 different multi-tools per week from their... Read More »

Victorinox SwissChamp XLT Review

Victorinox SwissChamp XLT ReviewIntroduction Product Name: SwissChamp XLT Manufacturer: Victorinox UK Price: £135.99 US Price: $209.99 Victorinox might not be a household name but their signature product definitely is. Originally founded in 1884, Victorinox started delivering knives to the Swiss Army in 1891 and the Swiss Army Knife has gone on to become a household name. We’ll be... Read More »