How to Choose the Best Multi-tool

How to Choose the Best Multi-tool - Best Multi-tools

There’s a bewildering amount of multi-tools available on the market today and for someone who wants to buy their first multi-tool it might be difficult to know where to start, in this guide we’ll give you some advice on how to choose the best multi-tool.

How Will You Use Your Multi-tool

First of all think about how you will primarily use your multi-tool, there are multi-tools available that are designed specifically for cyclists, gardeners and even bartenders. Not to mention among the tools that you would consider typical multi-tools there are models aimed at survivalists, DIYers and campers.

Set a Budget

Multi-tools can range from as cheap as £10/$10 all the way up to over £100/$100 so once you know what you will use your multi-tool for, set a budget of how much you would like to spend.

Compare and Research

After you have decided on a budget you can go out researching what is available. Comparison and review sites should be your first stop, comparison sites allow you compare a wide variety of multi-tools at the same time and review sites will give you in depth views and may bring up points you hadn’t thought about before. At Best Multi-Tools we have a comparison page featuring nearly 50 multi-tools in a sortable table format and our review section has reviews of some of the latest models. Other recommend sites are: – The largest multi-tool forum on the Internet has feedback and reviews of just about every multi-tool imaginable.
YouTube – There are numerous video reviews on YouTube of many different multi-tools, if you do a search for the multi-tool you want to buy and review you’ll likely find something helpful.
Amazon UK/Amazon US – At Amazon there are buyer’s reviews of most products, while most are quite short some reviews go into details about their experiences with the product and are normally a helpful read.

Purchase from a Reliable Place

Even after researching and choosing what you think it’s the best multi-tool you may find after purchasing that it’s not what you were looking, in that case you should look for a store with a good return policy. I would recommend Amazon UK and Amazon US due their good return policy, helpful customer service and the wide selection of multi-tools that are available to purchase, Ebay can also be another good option but remember to check the sellers return policy before purchasing.


Hopefully this guide has given you some insight and made it easier to know what to look for when purchasing a multi-tool. If you’re still unsure check out the Best Multi-tools homepage which features our Editors Choice Top 10 multi-tools that are currently available.

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