Gerber Compact Sport Review

Gerber Compact Sport Review


Product Name: Compact Sport Multi-Plier 400
Manufacturer: Gerber
UK Price: £34.90
US Price: $32.86

Hailing from Portland, Oregon along with their multi-tool rivals Leatherman, Gerber originally started making knifes way back in 1939 before expanding their range to include multi-tools and are nowadays consider one of the big 3 multi-tool manufacturers along with the aforementioned Leatherman and Swiss manufacturer Victorinox. We are going to take a closer look at the Gerber Compact Sport Multi-Plier 400 (hereafter Compact Sport), which is currently Gerber’s best selling multi-tool.


Gerber have designed the Compact Sport with a simple non-nonsense style in mind, constructed out of stainless steel it is both durable and ensures a smooth finish to the tool. Weighing 193g and measuring 14.3cm when open and 11.1cm when closed it’s compact and light enough to carry around without being obtrusive. A nylon sheath is also included with the Compact Sport which is a nice little bonus.

Gerber Compact Sport Review - Best Multi-tools


Here’s of a list of the tools you get with the Compact Sport.

1. Needlenose pliers
2. Wire cutter
3. Wire crimper
4. Serrated knife blade
5. Fiskars scissors
6. Cross point screwdriver
7. Small, medium and large flat blade screwdrivers
8. Can opener
9. Bottle opener

While there isn’t the huge quantity of different tools featured on more high models, the Compact Sport features what I’d describe as everyday tools, in most normal everyday situations the tools available are what you would need to complete a job.

In Use

Gerber Compact Sport Review - Best Multi-tools

The Compact Sport handles well in use, each tool locks securely into place with no feeling of slippage or looseness. The large needlenose pliers at the end of the tool feel solid and you can get a good grip using the handles of the Compact Sport. Gerber make note of the fact that they use Fiskars scissors and they are impressive cutting through most materials with ease. The variety of screwdrivers is useful, but they are quite short so you may find an issue with using them in compact spaces. Coming to the can/bottle opener, there were no issues with the bottle opener and the can opener had no problem getting into a standard steel can, it does however leave quite a serrated edge on the can, so might want to keep that in mind when picking up the can. Last but not least the knife is strong and sharp and has a serrated edge for cutting.


You can see why this is currently Gerber’s most popular multi-tool, priced at under £40 in the UK and under $40 in the US it represents great value and is backed up by Gerber’s lifetime warranty guarantee. I’d recommend the Compact Sport to anyone looking for a durable, everyday multi-tool that won’t break the bank.

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