Gerber Legend Review

Gerber Legend Review


Product Name: Legend Multi-Plier 800
Manufacturer: Gerber
UK Price: £57.91
US Price: $60.97

Gerber products are normally a more budget friendly option than competing products from Leatherman, however if you’re looking to spend a bit more on your multi-tool the Legend Multi-Plier 800 is available and Gerber have sought add some features to make it a premium multi-tool.


The Legend weighs 278 g and measures 10.9 cm closed and 16.7 cm when open, so it can be considered a large multi-tool. The champagne colour of the handles makes the Legend stand out from the typical black or silver options you see from most multi-tools, also in the handles Gerber have included rubber inserts to improve grip when using the tool. As is typical for Gerber a nylon sheath is included to allow for easy and secure carrying.

Gerber Legend Review - Best Multi-tools


Here’s a list of the tools included on the Legend.

1. Needlenose pliers with indexable, replaceable carbide cutters
2. Fine edge knife
3. Fiskars scissors
4. Cross point screwdriver
5. Small flat screwdriver
6. Medium flat screwdriver
7. Large flat screwdriver
8. Bottle opener
9. File
10. Tungsten carbide wire cutters

While not reaching the amount of tools found on some Leatherman and Victorinox models, the included tools are all useful additions with a couple of nice added features that you don’t see on most other multi-tools.

In Use

Gerber Legend Review - Best Multi-tools

While the Legend is a large multi-tool, is use this does come with some advantages namely the bigger size allows you get a better grip on the tool which in turn provides for the pliers to apply more gripping force. The jaws on the pliers are spring loaded which further aids grip and usefulness. Gerber emphasize the replaceable carbide cutters as a desirable feature and they are a plus, the 3 sides cutters are secured by a screw so once side becomes blunt you can turn the cutter a sharper side. This improves the life of the cutters and also means it will be longer before you would have to send your multi-tool back to be serviced.

The saw bit can be removed or changed should you need a different type of saw blade. All the tools can be extracted with the Legend in its closed position so there’s no need to flip the tool open and they can be fully locked for added stability.
There were no real negatives I could spot with any of tools, they all perform well and the blades were suitably sharp. Some users might prefer a wider selection of tools but the ones included are applicable for most situations in which you would be using the Legend.


Overall the Legend is nice entry into Gerber’s high end line up, they have added some features that differentiate from other multi-tools such as the replaceable saw blades and wire cutters. There are lots of good multi-tools at the high-end of the market but the Legend is definitely one to consider amongst its rivals.

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