Leatherman Charge TTi Review

Leatherman Charge TTi Review


Product Name: Charge TTi
Manufacturer: Leatherman
UK Price: £133.31
US Price: $118.60

In recent years Leatherman have become synonymous with multi-tools, after introducing their first product in 1983 they have gone on to become one of the best known multi-tool manufacturers in the world today. Currently producing 17,000 different multi-tools per week from their Portland, Oregon factory the Charge TTi sits at the top of their model line, let’s see what this premium multi-tool can do.


Immediately you can see that Leatherman have gone all out to create a premium feel and finish for the Charge TTi, the sculpted titanium handles add a unique touch and extra durability to body of the tool. At 10cm in length when closed and weighing 232g, Leatherman class it as a full size tool, but it’s still compact enough to be pocketable or easily clipped onto a belt while working. The package also includes a slim line case which is a useful extra.

Leatherman Charge TTi Review - Best Multi-tools


First let’s give a quick rundown of the tools you get with the Charge TTi.

1. 420HC Serrated Knife
2. 8 in | 19 cm Ruler
3. Bottle Opener
4. Can Opener
5. Cutting Hook
6. Diamond-coated file
7. Hard-wire Cutters
8. Large Bit Driver*
9. Large Screwdriver
10. Needlenose Pliers
11. Regular Pliers
12. S30V Stainless Steel Clip Point Knife
13. Saw
14. Scissors
15. Small Bit Driver*
16. Wire Crimper
17. Wire Cutters
18. Wire Stripper
19. Wood/Metal file
20. *Included Bits: Phillips and Flat Tip Eyeglasses Screwdriver Bit, Hex 5/32, Hex 1/16″ and .050, Square Drive #2 and #3, Screwdriver 1/8″ and Torx #15, Philips #1-2 and Screwdriver 3/16″

19 Different tools and 8 included bits should be enough for most situations, one of the highlights is the SV30 stainless steel clip-point knife – SV30 stainless steel was designed to improve sharpness and toughness over regular stainless steel.

In Use

Leatherman Charge TTi Review - Best Multi-tools

The full size of the Charge TTi makes it very easy to handle and grip, and with titanium replacing steel in the construction it’s surprisingly light for its size. The combined needle nose and regular pliers are very easy to use, being built into the end of the multi-tool they are just as effective as any separate set of pliers. Another useful feature is the 19cm ruler along the edge of the multi-tool – very useful for small measuring jobs without having to grab another ruler.

The cutting and sawing tools crafted from premium steel all solidly lock into place and there is no blade movement or slipping when in use, the premium steels allows cutting through a wide variety of different materials and unless your want to saw through a tree trunk or block of steel you shouldn’t have any problems cutting or sawing you way through most things.


When Leatherman built the Charge TTi they said they combined all of the most requested features into one multi-tool and that’s quite apparent from using it. The premium materials used in the construction don’t just look good on paper they improve the Charge TTi and backed by Leatherman’s 25 year warranty this is a multi-tool you will be using for a long time.

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