Leatherman Skeletool Review

Leatherman Skeletool Review


Product Name: Skeletool
Manufacturer: Leatherman
UK Price: £50.89
US Price: $49.83

Today we’ll be taking a look at the Leatherman Skeletool, designed as a compact lightweight companion to take with you when exploring the great outdoors. Let’s see how the Skeletool performs and if it’s lighter weight brings any disadvantages.


The Skeletool model line stand out from most other multi-tool with its minimalist open design has and there are 2 models available, the regular Skeletool which we are covering in this review and the Skeletool CX which while featuring the same amount of tools adds extras such as a tougher 154CM stainless steel blade, DLC scratch and corrosion resistant coating and carbon-fiber handles. The extras bump the price of the CX up to £74.65/$69.99. Back to the regular Skeletool and its compact size is immediately apparent, measuring just 10cm when closed and weighing 142g it’s very light and compact.

Leatherman Skeletool Review - Best Multi-tools


Here’s the 7 tools included on the Skeletool.

1. Needlenose Pliers
2. Regular Pliers
3. Hard-wire Cutters
4. Wire Cutters
5. 420HC Combo Knife
6. Carabiner/Bottle Opener
7. Large Bit Driver

While having only 7 tools, all the basics are covered. You have 2 types of pliers and cutters and hardened steel knife, screwdriver and a carabineer/bottle opener which is useful for clipping your multi-tool to a bag or belt and the bottle opener is useful for that beer around the campfire at the end of the day.

In Use

Leatherman Skeletool Review - Best Multi-tools

Taking the Skeletool out into the field for testing it was both useful and practical to have around, some of the highlights include the easy one handed opening and closing of the main blade (which can be fully locked into place) and the curved handles which make the pliers and wire cutters very comfortable to use. The carabiner makes it easy to quickly clip the Skeletool to your belt or bag and the large bit driver adds a lot with 4 bits included and additional bit kits available separately to further expand on the abilities of the Skeletool.

The lighter weight does have a disadvantage when it comes to durability. While in normal use there are no problems, heavier demanding use is not really what the Skeletool is designed for and if you’re likely to use a multi-tool that way I would recommend some of the larger members of Leatherman’s multi-tool range, rather than the Skeletool.


In focusing on tool primarily for the outdoors Leatherman have come up with a winner in the Skeletool. The tool performs well with light to medium intensity tasks and would be a good companion if you’re doing any outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking or camping.

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