Leatherman Wave Review

Leatherman Wave Review


Product Name : Wave
Manufacturer : Leatherman
UK Price : £67.50
US Price : $74.99

If you’re only familiar with one multi-tool, there’s good chance it will be the Leatherman Wave. By far Leatherman’s most popular model, the Wave was originally release in 1996 then redesigned into its current form in 2004. Positioned toward the high end of the multi-tool market, let’s see how the Leatherman Wave shapes up.


At 240g and measuring 10cm when closed the Wave is a full size multi-tool. Leatherman have given the Wave a quality feel and finish the flat brushed stainless steel handles look great and hold up well against dinks and scrapes. 420HC stainless steel alloy has been used for the knife blades which should provide for a sharp blade even after heavy use. If you’d like your multi-tool to stand out from the crowd there is also a black version of the Wave available.

Leatherman Wave Review - Best Multi-tools


Here’s a rundown of the 17 available on the Wave.

1.Needlenose Pliers
2. Regular Pliers
3. Hard-wire Cutters
4. Wire Cutters
5. Wire Stripper
6. 420HC Knife
7. 420HC Serrated Knife
8. Saw
9. Spring-action Scissors
10. Ruler (8 in | 19 cm)
11. Can Opener
12. Bottle Opener
13. Wood/Metal File
14. Diamond-coated File
15. Large Bit Driver
16. Small Bit Driver
17. Medium Screwdriver

Apart from the extensive tool list above one nice feature about the wave is that it can be opened and closed easily with one hand, this is especially useful as there are plenty of situations when you can be working on something and only have one hand free to grab your multi-tool.

In Use

Leatherman Wave Review - Best Multi-tools

Getting stuck in and using the Wave in some general tasks I found the scissors to be strong and provided a clean, smooth cut through a variety of materials. Choosing 420HC steel for the knife blades was a good choice out of the box the blades are very sharp and didn’t lose their cutting ability after some quiet heavy use in a variety of environments. The screwdrivers are well positioned, located at the opposite end of the tool to the pliers they lock securely into place and in use perform as well if not better than any other screwdriver I have a used on a multi-tool. A bit assortment and extension accessory set is also available for the screwdriver connector, which would be a useful buy if you’re going to be frequently working with screws.

The only negative I could find (and it’s a small one) is that the wire cutters while sharp, will sometimes leave you with a jagged cut.


It’s very hard to find fault with the Wave, the thought and care that has gone into designing and manufacturing it is easily evident. At under £70 in the UK and under $75 in the US, it’s good value at the UK price but outstanding value in the US. Leatherman’s 25 year warranty also means you aren’t going to have to worry about picking up another tool in the near future if you chose the Wave.

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