Top 5 Small Multi-tools

If you’re looking for a small multi-tool that you can put in a bag or pocket without noticing it’s there or if you want a multi-tool that will fit on a key chain, here’s Best Multi-tools rundown of the Top 5 small multi-tools that are currently available.

Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army

Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army - Top 5 Small Multi-tools - Best Multi-tools
UK Price : £10.00
US Price : $15.67
Just like the classic Swiss Army knife except in mini form. Despite being only 58mm in length and weighing just 60g Victoronix have still managed to pack in 7 different tools including scissors, a screwdriver and tweezers. Its size and the included key ring means it’s perfect for attaching to your key chain and it’s available in a variety of colours should you find yourself wanting something different from the classic Swiss Army red.

Leatherman Style CS

Leatherman Style CS - Top 5 Small Multi-tools - Best Multi-tools
UK Price : £21.50
US Price : $20.00
The lightest tool in our roundup at only 41g, the Style CS has all the things you’d find on Leatherman’s bigger tools including a 25 year warranty, stainless steel construction and a 420HC steel knife blade. By positioning the scissors at the end of the Style CS Leatherman could include much larger blades than you’d normally find on a tool this size which makes them just as useful as a full size pair of scissors. The Style CS will also fold down to a compact 76mm for carry when not in use.

Swiss Tech Utili-key

Swiss Tech Utili-key - Top 5 Small Multi-tools - Best Multi-tools
UK Price : £9.95
US Price : $7.99
Looking nearly identical to the other keys you would find on your key ring, the Swiss Tech Utili-key has 6 tools including straight and serrated blades, a bottle opener and 3 different screwdrivers (philips, eyeglass and flat). Barely any bigger than a standard key, the Utili-key so small and compact you’ll probably forget you’re carrying it.

Gerber Dime

Gerber Dime - Top 5 Small Multi-tools - Best Multi-tools
UK Price : £23.20
US Price : $17.29
Gerber’s entry on the list is the Dime. Gerber have designed the Dime to be small as competing key chain sized multi-tools but also keeping its functionality and usefulness as close to Gerber’s full size multi-tools as possible. Despite weighing only 62g the Dime features 10 different tools including pliers, a bottle opener and a very useful retail package opener which allows you to easily get into those hard to sealed plastic packages. It’s also available in red, green or black.

Leatherman Squirt PS4

Leatherman Squirt PS4 - Top 5 Small Multi-tools - Best Multi-tools
UK Price : £30.00
US Price : $26.15
The orginal Leatherman Squirt had the option of either pliers of scissors but never both, with the newer PS4 model Leatherman have redesigned to the Squirt to include both pliers and scissors so you no longer have to decide between one or the other. Apart from the aforementioned two tools the squirt also features flat and phillips screwdrivers and a flat blade knife amongst others for a total of 10 tools. The Squirt also has some colour options with red, blue or black models available.

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