Victorinox Cybertool Lite Review

Victorinox Cybertool Lite Review


Product Name: Cybertool Lite
Manufacturer: Victorinox
UK Price: £74.99
US Price: $115.99

While most multi-tools are designed to be used outdoors or with less technologically advanced jobs, a lot of people work with electronics or computers and might not find normal multi-tools are ideal for those kinds of jobs. That’s where Victorinox’s Cybertool line up comes in and the Cybertool Lite belying its name is actually the most expensive model of the line and comes with some additional features that you wouldn’t normally see on a multi-tool.


Cased in a glossy see-through version of the classic red used for Swiss Army knives the Cybertool Lite looks the part. The Cybertool Lite is also fairly compact despite Victorinox packing in a large amount of tools weighting in at 173.9g and measuring 33.5mm wide.

Victorinox Cybertool Lite Review - Best Multi-tools


Here’s a list of the tools included on the Cybertool Lite.

Large Blade
Small Blade
Bit Wrench
Bit Case
5mm Hex Socket
4mm Hex Socket
#8 Torx Bit
#10 Torx Bit
#15 Torx Bit
#2 Phillips Head
4mm Hex Bit
4mm Flat Head
#0 Pozidrive Bit
#1 Pozidrive Bit
Ball Point Pen
DIP Switch Setter (Use Pen)
Wire Cutter
Wire Crimper
Can Opener
Small Screwdriver (3mm)
Large Screwdriver (6mm)
Bottle Opener
Wire Stripper
Sewing Eye
Mini Screwdriver
Straight Pin
Key Ring
White LED Flashlight
Magnifying Glass

That’s a pretty comprehensive list of tools, you get a wide selection of screwdrivers and bits which is useful as there’s no end of different sized screws on electronics. The LED light is something you don’t see on most multi-tools and comes in handy when working in the normally dark confines of a server case. You also get a few slightly more unusual tools such as the magnifying glass, toothpick and reamer.

In Use

Victorinox Cybertool Lite Review - Best Multi-tools

The inside of a computer case or electronics devices doesn’t usually leave much free space for working so having something as compact as the Cybertool Lite with you makes the job much easier. The LED light is positioned along the plane of the bit holder so you can easily illuminate the area where you need to put or remove a screw. All of the tools are easy to get to, extract and close and having the wide variety of driver and torx bits on hand allows you to work quicker and more efficiently. With usual multi-tool staples like the large and small blades, wire cutters and pliers included the Cybertool Lite still proves to be useful when used outside of electronics jobs as well.


The Cybertool Lite is the perfect companion if you work with computers or other electronics hardware, it has just about every tool you would possibly need in a compact and easy to carry package. Combined with Victorinox’s usual build quality and reliability the Cybertool Lite is definitely recommended.

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